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East Texas

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The Piney Woods of East Texas do not readily lend themselves to scenic photographs. They are something to be experienced by staying in them or walking through them. It is a rare photograph that can convey the feeling of inner peace.

One of the inhabitants of the area near Houston is a tree frog. This frog lived on our front window under the partially opened stone guard.

His size was about 1.5 inches.

For a time the Traveling Morgans worked in a themed campground near Houston. While we are not likely to return, Larry had fun playing the famous character at left.

Galveston has many charms at the ocean. The harbor with pelicans flying about the boats, large pelicans ashore, and the concrete ship (yes made of concrete)  are all visible from Seawolf Park.


The beaches on Galveston Island are superb.

The NASA facility is open for tours.

Besides the rockets outside, the room that served as mission control for the moon landings is of particular interest to those of us who saw mission control on our televisions at the time of the moon landings.